What is TheBloomStrategy?

TheBloomStrategy is a concept that allows you to create and control a sustainable wealth eco-system. Participants get started by using the ‘living benefits’ of  participating whole life insurance. Rather than waiting for end of life benefits to pass on to designated beneficiaries, policy holders access the full advantages of the plan now – as a dynamic and living asset.

Your whole life insurance policy becomes the foundation of a personal, customized, fully protected bank. It transforms into your eco-system and serves as a flourishing oasis in any economy – whether chaotic or calm.

Entirely under your individual control, you can trust that it complies completely with Canada’s system of high standard of financial regulations.

TheBloomStrategy is designed to provide for families, support business needs and even enrich communities through any legacy planning or service to causes clients hold dear.

How Does TheBloomStrategy Work?

BloomStrategy Step 1- Save

Step 1: SAVE to Build Capital

Save with several options open to you. Watch your net worth grow in your personal bank designed by you and for your use – infinitely. Boost your bloom power with each premium and extra deposits. Harvest funds to live on now and to finance your future dreams and decisions.

Step 2: SERVICE Your Expenses Yet Borrow Only From Yourself

Finance your life and business expenses only from your own capital by transplanting funds within the growth system you tend to. This means you’ll only ever borrow against your own funds. And, you’ll never have to justify, ask permission or wait to access your own money ever again.

BloomStrategies - Step3 - Sustain

Step 3: SUSTAIN Your Growth and Wealth As You Repay Loans

Restore your loan funds and find that your original Bloom Strategy seedlings – your assets – are fully intact. Your income continues to grow PLUS you have saved on fees and you get to KEEP the interest.

Tend to your assets now so that they bloom into your future ready to service your dreams and decisions.

Isn’t it crazy simple?

Check it out at a BloomSession  or connect with the team at Bloom Strategies. They’ll show you how to use a simple product called participating whole life insurance to build your personal banking system. With stress free financing you can buy a new car, pay for education, and put a down payment on a house or anything else you can think of. Now you’ve super charged your money!

The Infinite Banking Concept® and Becoming Your Own Banker ™ is a registered trademark of Infinite Banking Concepts, LLC