We are driven by the idea of becoming your own banker

Since 2009, Thomas Deschutter and Ryan Witmeyer have worked together as trusted financial advisors to loyal clients in British Columbia and across Canada. All the while, they looked for a safer and more reliable wealth building system for the professionals, business owners and families they served.

By 2013 they found the perfect concept. They helped clients build their own, personalized banking system. It worked as a self sustaining, independent eco-system created with their own money and available as needed. It is never depleted and the client never has to ask anyone’s permission or endure delay to access their funds.

They solidified the process and Bloom Strategies was formed.

The two founders of TheBloomStrategy are now on a mission to teach people how to be their own banker.


By applying the proven principles of the Infinite Banking Concept™ (http://www.infinitebanking.org) The Bloom Strategists created an innovative program compatible with Canada’s financial system. It ensures that almost every purchase, every loan in their clients’ personal and work lives – works to their advantage. Within the eco-system customized and controlled by the client, wealth is created and protected. Clients never simply give their money away when they make a purchase or when they pay interest when they do need to borrow.

To test TheBloomStrategy fully, they applied it to their own personal and business lives. In addition to Business Bloomers like themselves, the strategists designed the program to work to the advantage of other generations.

Now TheBloomStrategy benefits children, or Baby Bloomers, whose assets can grow early and easily. These policies also create the perfect training opportunities for when children are ready to learn how to manage money in their own decisions about it.

It impacts mature investors who already provide for their families and are looking ahead to legacy planning. For these established, Big Bloomers, having a personal money eco-system offers the most viable way to live well now and to plan for both the family and the causes they care about.

TheBloomStrategy is changing forever the way Canadians think about money.

Using whole life insurance to set up their sustainable money environment, participants are free to access their own system – infinitely. Their private eco-system secures their money, preserves their income and grows true wealth. It allows them to borrow money to develop businesses and to provide more than adequately for their family’s ever changing needs. It allows all this to happen, on their very own terms.

With more than 20 years combined direct and traditional financial experience, the Bloom Strategists now guide clients on this powerful, yet simple and savvy 3-step process. Once it is set up, it easily puts all the pieces in place. It empowers every participant to create and to access their wealth at any time, for any reason.

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New Bloom Strategists are coming on board. Each is dedicated to eliminating what’s known as ‘the debt-slavery’ cycle. Each works on the basis of putting integrity into the money, banking and financial services industry.

Curious as to what their workable wealth solutions might yield for you?

Simply send in your question or connect directly by phone or private email. Confidentially is assured.

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  • "Anytime you can eliminate the payment of interest to others and direct that same market rate of interest to an entity that you own and control, with minimal taxation, you have improved your situation."

    R. Nelson Nash, author of “Becoming Your Own Banker”

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