Escape the old style save and borrow cycle that takes thousands in interest out of your pocket and leaves it at the bank. Set up your own money eco-system to sustainably control your cash flow and finance costs. Discover the 3 simple steps savvy self investors use to build real wealth – now.

Be Free to Prosper and to Preserve Your Personal Wealth On Your Terms


Investing can be a roller coaster ride and retirement plans lock your money away…  it’s time for a change. We show you how to keep your money safe, accessible, and growing. Become the master of your money with TheBloomStrategy.


Why pay fees and interest to banks and credit cards? Apply the Infinite Banking Concept™  and the interest you pay on  home loans, car loans, and credit cards stays with you. We have your best interest at heart with TheBloomStrategy.


Renovating your kitchen? Buying a new car? Why borrow from the banks when you can borrow from yourself and reclaim thousands of dollars in interest. Become your own banker and make your dreams a reality with TheBloomStrategy.

What is the BloomStrategy?

BloomStrategy Step 1- Save

Step 1: SAVE

Build your wealth by saving into whole life insurance policies with premiums and extra deposits so that you have access to your own perpetual and personal banking system.


Borrow against your own funds anytime, no questions asked and take care of your family’s or your business spending needs.
BloomStrategies - Step3 - Sustain


Repay yourself and preserve your wealth warehouse so that funds are infinitely available for future expenses.

People are talking…

  • "I am so thankful that Ryan introduced me to TheBloomStrategy. As a self-employed business owner, my optimal financial needs were not being met with the conventional financial system. TheBloomStrategy has changed that and I now feel I have something that will really take care of me, my family, my business and my whole financial long term health."

    Sonia T.
  • "TheBloomStrategy is helping me save for my children's education, future home renovations or business endeavors, retirement and much more, while protecting my family from unexpected loss of life."

    Christian JohannsenFoot Solutions
  • "TheBloomStrategy is rooted in the most powerful financial solution that we have ever come across. This is why we are so confident that it needs to be at the heart of everyone’s financial plan."

    Ryan WitmeyerBloom Strategies
  • "TheBloomStrategy is the ultimate in cash flow management. I now have a very secure financing system that I control. The discipline of using my own accumulated capital rather than borrowing from others has allowed me to get ahead."

    Thomas DeSchutterBloom Strategies

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